About us

Tax is complicated – that’s why we provide a Self Assessment tax return service, from just £79.

Did you know, if you were to start reading all 20,000 pages of UK tax legislation, it would take so long that you’d never finish reading until after your 93rd birthday… ok, maybe it wouldn’t take quite as long as that, but the point is there’s a lot of legislation to read!

Most people don’t have the time to fully understand their tax return, and this often leads to mistakes in their returns. Read all the legislation clearly isn’t practical, but our team of accountants are here to help you with our tax return service.

Tailored, personal service.

As with many things in life, no two tax returns are the same – sadly, one size does not ‘fit all’.

We pride ourselves on a delivering a personal service, by getting to know each customer’s financial affairs so that we can tailor the service to their needs.

Every Tax Hound customer is assigned an individual member from our team to deal directly with their self assessment tax return, and they will take you as painlessly as possible (it’s still tax after all!), until your return has been securely submitted to HM Revenue & Customs.