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Who uses our service?

We work with a broad range of customers, helping them complete their annual tax returns, stress free and on time.


You may have to complete a tax return for a number of reasons. For example, it could be based on your income, your benefits or alternatively your investment income. You may also need to claim tax relief for pension payments, or business expenses, or due to child benefit restrictions.

Whatever the reason we’ll help you complete your tax return stress free.

Self employed

You may be a builder, a baker, a candlestick maker… whatever your trade, if you are self employed you’ll need to complete a tax return. Our experts are click away from being able to help.

Renting a property

Landlords can reduce their tax liability by maximising the reliefs and allowances. We’ll help you complete your tax return hassle free.

Due a tax repayment?

There are many reasons you might be due a refund on the tax you’ve paid, some examples would be:

  • You’ve taken a flexible lump sum from your pension, sometimes referred to as ‘flexi-access’ or UFPLS.
  • You’ve had a summer job or part-time employment.
  • You’ve paid tax on an emergency tax code.